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Aluminum Furnace - Fosbel Ceramic Welding in progress

Fosbel offers a range of services for aluminum & nonferrous furnaces, including Hot Refractory Repairs such as Ceramic Welding, to restore furnace refractory without shutdown. Fosbel's Ceramic Welding is an innovative hot refractory repair method that has proven to be a cost-effective, long-lasting refractory repair method for furnaces in the aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium, nickel, platinum, titanium and zinc industries.

Fosbel has developed Ceramic Welding materials specifically designed to match the properties of a variety of refractories used in nonferrous furnace linings, including: 60%, 70%, and 80% alumina, magnesia, magnesia-chrome, fireclay and others. In most instances, the process has no effect on melt chemistry.

Fosbel's Hot Inspection Services utilize our leading edge techniques and equipment to view and document refractory damage in all areas of the furnace without interruption to production.

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