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Cement Kiln Refractory Repair Services

Cement plant

Fosbel's service options for the Cement & Mineral Processing industries include Hot Refractory Repairs to restoration of furnace linings without shutdown. For example, Fosbel's Ceramic Welding technology is perfectly suited for undertaking a range of refractory repairs in cement kilns. Through the use of water-cooled lances, repairs can be made in many areas of rotary kilns without the need to cool the furnace down, thus preventing further refractory degradation. Nose ring and firing hood repairs have been undertaken in numerous plants, preventing long-term losses in production.

Fosbel also offers a range of Hot Inspection Services including our Lancescope™ Camera system and Infrared Thermography. These services enable furnace operators to pinpoint furnace problem areas before they jeopardize the furnace integrity.

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