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COMIT™ Condition Monitoring

Fosbel COMIT Condition Monitoring Dashboard
The COMIT™ dashboard displays an overview of the plant status, including battery rankings and wall prioritization.

The COMIT™ battery status provides a visual indication of battery condition showing individual walls

One of the unique benefits of the COMIT™ system is its battery health assessment feature.

A key component of Fosbel’s Complete Battery Maintenance program is a web application called COMIT™ (Coke Oven Management Information Technology).

COMIT™ is a web-based condition monitoring system that enables better visibility into maintenance priorities and more strategic maintenance management.

COMIT™ provides a graphical representation of battery deterioration and improvements, which enables prioritization of battery repairs and ongoing assessment of maintenance programs. The system can be adapted for any coke battery design, including non-recovery/heat recovery ovens.

Although the main focus is on refractory condition, COMIT™ also includes modules for monitoring coke battery operational data such as:

  • flue temperatures & damages
  • pushing forces
  • stack emissions
  • oven rankings
  • overdue inspections
  • refractory repair life
  • bracing
  • door module
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