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Hot Refractory Repairs

Coke Oven Hot Refractory Repairs

Fosbel offers two methods of hot refractory repairs: Ceramic Welding and Gunning:

Ceramic Welding

Ceramic Welding

Ceramic Welding

The Fosbel Ceramic Welding process was invented and first applied in the 1970's. Fosbel pioneered and perfected this innovative hot repair process that is used to repair the coke oven refractory at operating temperature with minimal disruption to production. The repair material is ceramic bonded to the damaged refractory, utilizing a fusion process that generates an exothermic reaction in excess of 2200°C (4000°F). The bond strength of ceramic welding allows for a superior repair that restores structural integrity to the original brickwork.

Fosbel routinely performs Ceramic Welding and other insitu repairs to solve a range of coke oven refractory problems including cracks, spalls, undercuts, joints, leaks from the chamber into the flue, roofs and charge holes.

Fosbel’s extensive experience and development has produced a superior repair process, including proprietary equipment and a range of repair materials suitable for all parts of the oven and various temperature requirements.

For the highest quality repair, Fosbel also offers the FosClean System, a portable pneumatic blasting system used to clean the refractory before ceramic welding. FosClean provides superior cleaning precision with minimal trauma to surrounding refractory.

Ceramic welding is best utilized as a preventive maintenance tool, but can also address large scale catastrophic repairs, thus providing an economic alternative to extend battery life and prevent unscheduled downtime.

FosClean Process: Before Oven Preparation, During Cleaning Process & After Refractory Preparation











Gunning is another component of the CBM maintenance program, and can be coordinated to suit operational needs, including oven jambs, ceilings, off-takes, and charging holes. Fosbel's range of FosGun materials are the highest quality coke oven gunning materials on the market today. The material is applied with consistency by trained technicians utilizing proven techniques resulting in a dense, smooth repair.

Before and After Gunning Repair

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