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Heating Evaluations

Heating Evaluation Service

Thermograph illustrating flue temperatures

Thermograph illustrating flue temperatures

Uniform battery heating is necessary to produce high quality coke, to minimize pushing emissions and to prolong battery life. Proper battery temperature control and heating system maintenance practices are essential in maintaining uniform battery heating.

A complete assessment of the battery heating system can identify air infiltration and leakage sources, achieve more uniform battery heating and optimize battery temperature.

Temperature Chart

Temperature chart

Typical areas to be inspected include: fuel gas system, heating flues, waste heat system, regenerators, sole flues, combustion stack gas analysis, air to gas ratio/distribution, endflue and ascension pipe leakages, reversing cycles, oven charging, oven pushing and pushing emission system. The battery heating system has the most effect on the amount, and control, of combustion stack and pushing emissions.

Data analysis and implementation of corrective maintenance practices provides benefits which include:

  • Improve coke quality
  • Reduce pushing, charging and stack emissions
  • Extend useful service life of the battery
  • Lower and more uniform flue temperatures
  • Lower capital investment costs
  • Maximize production
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