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Coke Oven Wall Rebuilds

Endflue & Through Wall Rebuild Service Options

MICOWALLTM Construction: 
Conventional Silica

When oven brickwork conditions have degraded to a point where maintenance and repair is no longer a viable option, Fosbel offers a variety of endflue and through wall repair options:

  • MICOWALL™ (Modular Interlocking Coke Oven WALL): Fosbel’s patented rebuild solution that uses significantly fewer brick shapes, reducing downtime while restoring structural integrity. This revolutionary technology utilizes an interlocking brick design and fused silica zero expansion modules for the rapid rebuild of coke oven walls.
  • MONOWALL™ : Fosbel’s innovative monolithic rebuild system (patent pending) based on proven fused silica zero expansion refractory technology.
  • Conventional Silica Wall Rebuilds : incorporates Fosbel’s extensive expertise in coke oven brickwork projects.
  • Panel Patching : Utilizes Fosbel’s materials and Ceramic Welding process for superior repair durability and stability

Fosbel’s unique technologies provide many options for cost-effective remedial repairs that return ovens to production faster & extend battery life.

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