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Glass Furnace

Fosbel’s Complete Furnace Maintenance (CFM) is a proactive approach to glass furnace maintenance that:

  • Maximizes available production time
  • Extends furnace life
  • Reduces maintenance costs

The CFM Service Portfolio includes a wide range of services:

Whether continuous onsite hot repair management, periodic maintenance, emergency repairs, or cold repairs, Fosbel offers a wide range of repair and inspection services.

Maintenance packages can also include FLAME™, Fosbel’s unique system to monitor furnace condition and organize furnace documentation.

Fosbel has conducted more than 2,500 glass furnace repairs of virtually every type around the world. Fosbel’s experienced engineers and technicians are familiar with almost any furnace condition, and repairs are conducted in an effective and efficient manner, reducing production downtime to an absolute minimum.

In addition, Fosbel also co-sponsors Hotbels, an annual glass industry seminar held each spring in Lexington, Kentucky.  For more than 30 years, Hotbels has become known throughout the glass industry as a valuable educational forum for sharing innovations in engineering and technology. 

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