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Engineered Hot Repairs

Furnace Repair Solutions

Fosbel offers a wide range of repair solutions including Traditional Hot Repairs, Innovative Engineered Repairs, and Cold Repairs.

Fosbel’s maintenance services are a cost-effective way to:

  • Extend furnace life
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increase furnace efficiency 

The chart below provides examples of our repair options for a range of furnace problems.  This is just an overview of our service options with links to some more info on selected repairs.  Contact us to learn more about which of our solutions will best address your needs.

Crown Damage Solution
Crown Repair:
Hanging Bricks & Ceramic Welding

Tuckstone Damage Solution
Tuckstone Repair:
Anchor Installation & Ceramic Welding

Glass Furnace Doghouse Arch Replacement
Doghouse Arch Replacement

Problem Solution
Melter or Regenerator
Crown Damage

Hanging Bricks
Hanging Bricks & Ceramic Welding
Hanging Bricks & Castable
Umbrella Device & Castable
Insulation Pack Removal & Castable
Wire Mesh & Casting Or Gunning
Crown Overcoat
Dual Crown Overcoat Process

Checker Collapse/Blockage

Melter Crown Burners Installed
Checker Bypass
Checker Channeling 
Checker Course Removal
Checker Cleaning with Air/Media Blasting
Physical Flue Opening
Hot Checker Change
Furnace Bottom Damage Hot Bottom Repair
Rider Arch Damage Water Coolers inserted
Building Support Piers
Ceramic Welding
Soldier Block Damage Freeze off glass & replace refractory
Glass Line Erosion Lower glass line & install refractory shapes
Tuckstone Damage Anchor installation using burning bars & Ceramic Welding
Port Floor/Sill Damage Port Floor Restoration
Port Floor Debris Removal
Port Cap Damage Hanging Bricks & Overcoating of Port Caps
Wall Damage/Collapse

Water-cooled pins installed
Cast Back up wall
Install Anchor Supports through wall to support Ceramic Welding on inside
Remove Breast Wall in sections & replace brick

Doghouse Basin Wall & Superstructure Damage Dohouse Arch Replacement
Soldier Block Replacement
Superstructure Replacement
Division Wall Damage Rebuild with bonded AZS Shapes

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