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Hot Bottom Repairs

Glass Furnace Bottom Repairs

Fosbel’s patented Hot Bottom Repair (HBR) Process is undertaken on a glass tank bottom from inside the furnace at or near operating temperature, when the furnace bottom has experienced a glass break-out or when overheating of the bottom has been detected and the tank is in jeopardy of leaking. Once the furnace has been drained and cleaned in the area of damage, refractory material is injected using proprietary equipment, rapidly restoring bottom stability with minimal downtime.

In the event of a glass break-out, the HBR Process enables furnace campaign extension to allow time for refractory sourcing and to meet campaign goals. When applied as a preventative measure, HBR mitigates the risk to equipment and personnel that can result from an unexpected furnace glass break-out.

Each HBR repair is individually engineered to meet furnace specifications, and incorporates Fosbel’s specially designed equipment and application procedures to deliver a long-lasting durable refractory repair that restores furnace bottom integrity.

Furnace bottom before HBR process HBR process ongoing

HBR completed

Furnace bottom before HBR process

Ongoing HBR process

HBR process completed

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