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Glass Furnace Inspection Services

Endoscope Inspections

Endoscope Inspections

Fosbel's unique water-cooled inspection technologies provide instant images of the refractory for aiding in the diagnosis of furnace problem areas, including checker blockages, rider arch damage, reversal valve issues and recuperator damage.

Inspections can also be used to aid in repairing difficult to view areas, or to create baseline images of the furnace to document current furnace condition and plan for future rebuilds.

Endoscope - Access to glass furnaces for inspection and repair is usually severely restricted. The introduction of Fosbel's water-cooled endoscope make it possible to view damage and repair procedures within the furnace. Every part of the furnace can be studied in minute detail. With the aid of water-cooled lenses, many areas of damage can be examined, documented and tracked over a period of time.

Endoscope View

Endoscope view of glass furnace

Lancescope™ - The Lancescope™ system utilizes cutting edge optical technology to allow close-up inspection of virtually any area of a glass furnace, through the use of specially designed equipment. Checker chambers and Port Neck bottoms can be made fully visible. In low temperature applications, the system also provides illumination via a light source for superb clarity.

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