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Hot Refractory Repairs

Hot Refractory Repair Services

After Repair: Structural Integrity Restored

After repair: Structural integrity restored.

During Repair: Anchors Installed in Damaged Area

During Repair: Anchors installed in damaged area.

Ceramic Welding - Fosbel's Ceramic Welding repair and maintenance program allows steel producers to repair furnace linings to the original integrity of the refractory located in high wear areas without shutdown. Refractory restoration can be achieved at operating temperature, in areas such as Reheat furnaces and Ladles. Any castable refractory type can be matched with a compatible Ceramic Welding material. The properties of the weld repair are typically equal to the original refractory.

Gunning - Gunning is another hot refractory repair option that can be coordinated to meet operational needs.  Fosbel provides a superior gunning service, including a range of Fosgun gunning materials developed for numerous steel applications. The repair is carried out by trained technicians utilizing proven techniques resulting in a dense, smooth repair with documented longevity and durability.

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