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Innovation & Development

Furnace Refractory Repair Innovation & Development

Only Fosbel has the extensive industry expertise needed to lead the market in continual development of innovative technologies that extend furnace life and increase productivity.

Some examples of Fosbel's innovation include:

For the Coke making industry, Fosbel offers a range of refractory maintenance services. A few of the innovations Fosbel has developed for the coke industry are:
  • Ceramic Welding a hot refractory repair technology pioneered by Fosbel. Fosbel has continually developed a range of materials suitable for many applications.
  • Coke Oven Wall Rebuild Technologies:
  • COMITTM (Coke Oven Management Information Technology), a proprietary software platform and database that has proven to be a powerful tool to strategically manage coke battery maintenance and extend battery life.

Double Through Wall Rebuild
in progress

In the Glass industry, Fosbel has developed many unique hot repair solutions, a few of which are:

  • Ceramic Welding a durable high quality refractory repair method pioneered and perfected by Fosbel. Fosbel also developed a range of materials compatible with many types of refractory.
  • Hot Bottom Repairs restore and rebuild the refractory in the bottom of glass furnaces at operating temperature
  • Checker Cleaning removes furnace checker blockage with no adverse affect on refractory
  • Port Floor Restoration restores port floor structure using Ceramic Welding and casting technology
  • Dual Crown Overcoating repairs the exterior of deteriorating furnace crowns while sealing and protecting the inside of the furnace
  • FLAMETM an internet-based software package developed by Fosbel to extend glass furnace life via proactive asset management.

Checker Cleaning
Checker Cleaning

Fosbel's Cetek division has more than 15 years of experience in developing innovative cost-effective solutions that increase process efficiency and extend asset life in the petroleum refining, chemical processing, fossil power generation and steel industries. Some Cetek developments include:

Cetek Dual Emissivity Coatings System

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