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Rebricking Services

Fosbel Brickwork Services

Fosbel Brickwork Services

Fosbel provides a wide range of hot rebricking and wall rebuild solutions for the Coke, Steel and Glass industries.

For the Coke industry, Fosbel offers a variety of endflue and through wall repair options, from our innovative proprietary solutions, such as MICOWALLTM and MONOWALLTM, to our Conventional Silica coke oven wall rebuilds and panel patch repairs.

In the Glass industry, Fosbel has developed many unique hot repair solutions, including superstructure refractory replacement, utilizing engineered cast block technology, and rebricking services.

Glass Furnace Superstructure Replacement

For many furnaces used in the Steel industry, Fosbel refractory installations include ceramic blanket and modules, castables, plastics and gunning materials.

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