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Complete Maintenance

Coke Battery

Complete Maintenance Solutions

Fosbel's industry experts partner with plant management & furnace operators to engineer a total maintenance solution that optimizes production and reduces maintenance & energy costs.

In the Coke industry, Fosbel provides Complete Battery Maintenance (CBM), a comprehensive program tailored to plant needs, that incorporates daily condition monitoring and preventive & remedial maintenance as needed.  CBM is proven to optimize productivity and extend the life of coke batteries, while reducing emissions and overall maintenance costs.

Glass Furnace

In the Glass industry, Fosbel provides Complete Furnace Maintenance (CFM) to optimize available glass furnace production time, reduce overall maintenance costs and extend furnace life. From day-to-day hot repair management to emergency repairs, Fosbel offers a wide range of hot repair and inspection services. With experienced engineers and technicians familiar with almost any furnace condition, repairs are conducted in an effective and efficient manner, reducing production downtime to an absolute minimum.

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