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Hot Bottom Repair  (HBR)

One of the most volatile locations in a glass melting furnace is the area around the bubblers and electrodes.  Continual agitation can eventually result in severe refractory erosion and high temperatures in these unseen critical areas.

The Fosbel patented Hot Bottom Repair (HBR) process was developed as a repair solution at operating temperatures to this problem.

The HBR is undertaken from outside the furnace at high temperatures with specialized equipment.  It is achieved by applying refractory repair material directly onto damaged areas on the tank bottom, re-establishing refractory profile and furnace integrity.

  • Fosbel is the original patent holder for HBR

  • Uses materials specifically formulated for glass furnaces

  • Over sixty repairs completed worldwide


Before HBR

After HBR

HBR, In Process

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