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Oven & Battery Repair Solutions

Coke Oven Sealing

FosLOCS NFD (Non-Flammable Liquid Dusting)

Coke manufacturers are aware of the harmful emissions from coke production. Fosbel provides services that can drastically reduce or eliminate these emissions, saving producers large sums of money and restoring the confidence of neighboring communities.

Fosbel has developed a new liquid dusting material with a much higher flash point than conventional materials. This material is a non-flammable under OSHA, DOT and IATA definitions and eliminates the potential for fire or explosion during application.

Benefits of FosLOCS NFD

  • Seals micro cracks, enabling the build-up of beneficial carbon to completely seal the oven

  • Uses less material than traditional form of dusting

  • Safer than conventional forms of liquid dusting

FosLOCS before.png

FosLOCS NFD Before

FosLOCS after.png


Gunning Repairs

FosGun FS-X (Gunning Material)

Occasionally, a situation will arise where a coke oven's walls will be in such poor condition that ceramic welding wouldn't be feasible due to the extent of the damage. In the face of such extreme circumstances, full repair is the best and most proven option; however, such repairs are both costly and time-consuming.

A much quicker and more cost-effective interim solution is gunning the damage, and Fosbel has a solution that fits the bill:

FosGun FS-X Gunning Material.

Benefits of FosGun FS-X:

  • Reduced emissions

  • Reduced stickers

  • Reduced downtime vs. a conventional brick panel patch

  • Reduced cost vs. a conventional brick panel patch

  • Durable repair lasts for years

FosGun Before.PNG

Before FosGun FS-X Repair

FosGun During.PNG

During FosGun FS-X Repair

FosGun Finishing.PNG

Finishing FosGun FS-X Repair

FosGun after 1 year.PNG

1 Year After FosGun FS-X Repair

Grit Blasting

FosGrit A

FosGrit A is a ceramic cleaning material ideally designed for use as a blasting media in cleaning applications.

This product contains < 0.7% free silica and is suited to cleaning services.

FosClean Machine

Grit blasting with our FosClean Machine is non-invasive. Flues are grit blasted using FosGrit A in our FosClean Machine attached to an Atlas Copco XAHS 900 CD6 900 CFM Air Compressor.

Other Services

  • Heat Recovery Oven Repair

  • Hand Trowel Patching

  • Floor Flooding & Repair

  • Sole Flue Flooding

  • Coke Oven Door Plugs

  • Standpipe Sealing

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