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Glass Inspection Services

Endoscope Inspection Applications

Visual access to glass furnaces and regenerator chambers is typically restricted to inspection holes providing limited range views of furnace refractory.

Water-cooled endoscopes are inserted into the furnace opening at operating temperature which makes it possible to view difficult-to-see areas inside the furnace.

Using water-cooled lenses, the refractory condition of the furnace superstructure can be studied and evaluated in detail with plant management.

Hot inspections make it possible to track defects and determine how quickly they are deteriorating assisting in planned maintenance management to prevent potential problems.

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Furnace Life Asset Management & Evaluation

A key component of CFM is Fosbel’s proprietary FLAME™, a web-based furnace information management system.

FLAME™ is a user-friendly system that organizes and displays a range of furnace-related information, enabling users to manage furnace maintenance more proactively and comprehensively. This unique technology provides a complete view of furnace condition, allowing better visibility into maintenance priorities resulting in better strategic maintenance management.

Site content can include:
• Inspection photos
• IR Images
• Plan Views
• External Photos
• Survey Schedule
• Past Repairs
• & More, upon request

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